Free Trigger Charts + 'Pain Free' Release

If You've had Muscle Pain for more than 3 Months....Discover this New Method of Pain Free Trigger Release

What you'll find here:


Self Help for Chronic Pain

We believe that you are the best person manage your health. Understanding = empowerment + positive action.


Education for Professionals

Education for massage therapists, physios and physicians to help them help people with muscle & joint pain.


Treat Your Tigger Points

These are huge cause of muscle pain - and they're often overlooked.


Mind Body Connection

Learn techniques for pain relief without surgery or medications.

About the Author

Dr Jonathan Kuttner is a Musculo-skeletal Pain Specialist with over 3 decades experience treating muscle & joint pain.

After a serious hang gliding crash where he nearly died, Dr Kuttner had 6+ years of chronic back pain. He was able to crack the code and get out of pain though - and now with the site he's helped thousands of people with their chronic muscle and joint pain.

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